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Kwak - Belgium Beer


Canterbury, Eastbourne, West Malling and Brighton have up to 100 different Beers in stock, whilst Battle and Bexhill carry more than 50 beers all served in their own unique glasses. From Light and fruity Fruit Beers to the Darkest Abbey Beers to the well known Leffe, Guinness and Kwak and everything else in between. We offer a Belgian Beer ‘Passport’ which gives customers the opportunity to drink their way through the beer list and receive prizes along the way. There is also available a beer tasting note pad which you can write your comments about each beer just incase you forget in the morning. >>More

Belgian Schnaps
A great way to start or end the meal Belgian Schnaps are based on Gin and range from the creamy Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate to the light and fruity Melon, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Apple, Red Berries and the natural Blue Dwarf. >>More

The Wine List
We offer a selection of the finest wines from around the world – French, Spanish and the New World. You are sure to be satisfied. >>More





Beer Tasting

Fancy an evening with a difference?
Then why not try our successful Beer Tasters Evenings - with Quiz
4 courses each of which is served with a specially chosen beer.