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Leffe - Belgium Beer

Belgium Beer
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  >Double blond (12 varieties)
  >Triple Golden (4 varieties)
  >Triple Blond  (9 varieties)
  >Quadruple blond (2 varieties)
Blond beers are light, medium to strong and top fermented. They are medium to full bodied, easy drinking and blond to golden in colourwith an alcohol content between 5.5 to 11.0%. Characterised by a fruity to sweetish matty flavour and distinct hoppy dryness, they often have a pleasant spicy aftertaste.

PILS – PILNSERS (6 varieties)
Pils or Lagers are light, easy drinking, thirst quenching and bottom fermenting blond beers, named after the Chech city of Pilzen, where the first Pilsner was brewed. Belgium Pils or Lagers have a distinct barley malt flavour and a crisp hoppy dryness.

WHITE BEERS (3 varieties)
White or wheat beers are light, easy drinking, refreshing, unfiltered, hazy, yellow coloured beers from a mixture of raw wheat and barley malt, sometimes oats are added. They are seasoned with coriander and Curaçao orange zest, have a fruity-lemony flavour and a slightly dry, spicy aftertaste. This style of brewing, typical of the region south west of Brussels around the village of Hoegaarden, died out due to the popularity of lagers in the 60’s and was revived and reinvented by Pierre Celis. Alcohol strength is between 4.5 and 5.5%.

AMBER BEERS (7 varieties)
Amber beers are light, medium to strong, copper or amber coloured and top fermented. They have a distinct fruity, slighty nutty, caramel sweetness with a well rounded hoppy dryness, and a hint of exotic spices. Alcohol strengths of between 5.0 and 12.0%

TRAPPIST BEERS (12 varieties)
Trappist beers are brewed by or under control of the Trappist monks, in the brewery located within the walls of theirmonasteries, according to the rules of Strict Observance, as laid down by the founder St. Benedictus in the early Middle Ages. There are only six Trappist monasteries in the world, all in Belgium, that can brew beer and can use the legally protected ‘Authentic Trappist Product’ logo. Each monastery has its own style of beer, varying in colour, taste and strength, so it is difficult to compare beers from different monasteries. They are all top fermented and bottle conditioned, medium to full bodied beers,with an alcoholic strength of between 6.2% and 11.3%.


(11 varieties)
Dark beers are light, medium or strong, top fermented and are light brown to dark black in colour. They have a slightly roasted, caramelised toffee sweetness with spicy,warm fruit undertones often contrasted by a lingering hoppy dryness. Alcohol strength between 6.5 and 11.0%

FRUIT BEERS (14 varieties)
Fruit beers have an added ingredient, which has become the dominant flavour. This determines not only the taste, but also the colour and character of the beer.

  >Lambrink beers - Belgiums answer to cider (4 varieties)
  >Flemish ales (3 varieties)
Traditionally Lambiek are brewed in the region around Brussels in the Zenne vally, and are spontaneously
fermented and oakmatured,made from a mixture of rawwheat and barley malt. No yeast is added at any
stage of the brewing process. Airborne friendly bacteria cause the natural fermentation, which creates the
distinct cider-like tartness of the Lambiek beers.

BEERS TO SHARE (4 varieties)

STRONG BEERS (10 varieties)
Warning - sip gently and don’t fall under the table!!


(£7.00 unless otherwise stated)
- Hoegaarden & Lemon Geneivre
BUSHY HAIR - 12% Scaldis (Bush) & Peach Beer
SEXY SLAG - 2 Pils Beers together
BOUNTY - Chocolate & Coconut Beer
BLACK FOREST - Lindemans Cherry & Chocolate Beer
FIR - Fruli with White Wine
PINA COCONUT - Coconut Beer & Malibu with Lemonade
FRUTY BRUTY (to share) - Deus Brut Beer Champagne & Floris Raspberry Beer £23.50
SEXY MANGO - Pils & Mango Beer
DIESEL - Cristal Pils & Coke
MISS MARPLE - Mort Subite Geuze & Apple Beer
TURBO SHANDY - Lemon Geneivre, Cristal & Vodka
COSMO - Cranberry Beer, Vodka & Orange Juice
DARK SUNRISE - Westmalle Dubbel, Grenadine & Brandy
AFTER 8 - Creme de Menthe & Chocolate Beer
SIC MONKEY - Chocolate & Banana Beer
BULLY VODKA - Geuze, Vodka & Lemonade
HORNY PEACH - Peach Beer, Geuze & Lemonade
TUTTI FRUTTI - 2 Fruit beers together
THE BELGIAN MONK - Bacardi, Coconut Beer & Coke
CROWN KIR - Blackcurrant Beer & White Wine
BLACK FOREST - Cherry & Chocolate Beer
PINK DELIGHT - Raspberry Beer, Vodka & Lemonade
FRUIT GARDEN - Hoegaarden & Cranberry Beer
CHOCIDUBBEL - Chocolate Beer & Westmalle Dubbel
SKINNY DIPPER - Coconut Beer, Malibu & Passion Fruit Schnapps
SHARK BITE - Verdett Pils & Gueze
THE TIN TIN - House Champagne & Floris Raspberry Beer - TO SHARE £32.50





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